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basketball-ground-length-and-widthn the process of blowing bottles, we often change different bottle embryos and bottle shapes, so in order to make you switch bottles more quickly, we need to set and adjust the parameters of the bottle blowing machine, the following is the Waton company to help you sort out some of the adjustment methods of automatic bottle blowing machine.

ipl-live-betting-ratesw molding process of the two-step bottle blowing machine is: stretching - pre-blowing - high pressure blowing - exhaust.The flying pigeon series bottle blowing machine will have three blows after the end of high pressure blowing.




The bottle embryo heating of two-step bottle blowing machine is completed by heating light box, and the heating temperature is set manually. Some bottle blowing machines also have some functions of automatic adjustment and automatic heat preservation.In the light box, the far infrared light tube sends out far infrared radiation to heat the bottle embryo, and the bottle embryo rotates while moving forward in the light box, so that the bottle embryo is heated more evenly.


               #Preliminary blowing

    Pre-blowing acts as a guide to the distribution of raw materials in the bottle to obtain the desired performance of the bottle.Because the pressure and speed of high pressure blowing is very fast, without pre-blowing, the material of the bottle will be difficult to distribute and shape easily.

mario-power-tennis-online-play-free      That's all for today's news science about Set and adjust the parameters of the bottle blowing machine.Thank you for your reading.

      Waton company we will wholeheartedly provide you with efficient service, to provide quality products, technology.In the scorching summer, pay attention to your body and love yourself well!


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